We want to revolutionize dehydrated foods and touch people’s hearts and lives through our delicious and wholesome meals. The widespread snacks are currently well packaged and tasty, but often unhealthy, high in calories, full of additives, colorants, preservatives, and whatnot. On the other hand, the healthy and delicious fruit and veggies are bulky, messy, and fast to go bad.
That is why at Vergo we create healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals for people on-the-go! Our handmade raw dehydrated snacks are the best of both worlds. They are lightweight, travel-friendly, and durable, like packaged snacks. Yet, they are nutrition-packed, vitality-boosting, healthy, and healing like real fruit and veggies. You literally can carry a whole pineapple or a full pound of Kale in 2 nifty two-ounce packages.
Delicious, guilt-free, raw, vegan, dehydrated, handmade, cruelty-free, and promoting a healthy weight, our snacks are infused with love and respect. They are good for the body, good for the planet, and good for the people – not only the people who eat it but also the people who grow and handle it.
We want to make the world a better place, and we’re starting one delicious meal at a time.


This feels like you’re indulging in a guilty pleasure, but you’re actually not, which is awesome

Bobby Borisov, Chicago

Fantastic products, excellent service and amazing CEO’s owning this fine line of food. Thank you so much!!! Wishing you further success and a great health!!!

Galia Miloucheva Kuo, Highland Park

Delicious and nutritious! There is not one product of Vergo foods I am not a fan of. Everything is delicious and there is something for each meal or snack! Whether it’s breakfast with lemon crackers and nut butter, or lunch with the savory crackers and sun flower chips and veggies and falafel, or snack time with the drool worthy kale chips, lentil power wraps or fruit chips, or the desert delight of date candies. I travel a lot and Vergo Foods snacks go EVERYWHERE with me. Thank you and good luck 🖤✨

Branimira Ivanova, New Orleans
 No words will be able to express the real taste of all products Vergo Food offer, you have to try them, from sweet, salty, and savor. Vergo foods are simply healthy, delicious and made with that special  “pinch  of salt” that only master chefs carry inside.
We have healthy snacks from Vergo, at home, in the car and in the office, packing lunch snack for school is easy now, all year long. Thank you Vania and Vergo Food, we love your food.
Maria Nedev, Niles
Here at Vergo, we have your best interests at heart— the interest of healthy, clean, and sustainable foods that will enhance your daily life. Using our unique skillset, enthusiasm, and bountiful resources, we will work hard to raise awareness of the benefits of nutrient-dense foods with life changing abilities.