People love our food! Delicious… oh, so Good…


We want to revolutionize snack foods and touch the hearts and lives of a lot of people through our delicious food.  Currently, the wide spread snacks are well packaged and delicious, but often unhealthy, high calorie, full of additives, colorants, preservatives and what not.  On the other hand, the healthy and delicious fruit and veggies are bulky, messy and fast to go bad.

That is why at Vergo we create healthy, nutritious, and delicious snacks on-the-go!  Our handmade organic vegan dehydrated snacks are the best of both worlds.  They are lightweight, travel-friendly and durable like packaged snacks. Yet, they are nutrition-packed, vitality-boosting, healthy and healing like real fruit and veggies.  You literally can carry a whole pineapple or a whole pound of Kale in 2 nifty two-ounce packages.

Delicious, guilt-free, raw, organic, vegan, dehydrated, handmade, cruelty-free and promoting healthy weight, our snacks are infused with love and respect. They are good for the body, good for the planet and good for the people – not only the people who eat it, but also the people who grow and handle it.  Everybody!  We want to make the world a better place and we’re starting one delicious snack at a time.


Tanya Dimitrova, Sharol, Kamen Stoykov, Branimira Ivanova, Dave Harnish, Galina Atanasova, Lubima Kirilova, Tania, Tereza, Aneliya Dimitrova, Geno Manov, Marilyn A Merrill, Snejana Durst, Susan & Marc Sacks, Elizabeth Becker, Milena Vinarskiy Kantor, Damyan Damyanov, Antonio Rodriguez, Magdalena Kolodziej, Irina Kuznetsova, Bistra Kangra, Lubka, Alejandra Diaz, Monika Magierska, Marina Melikhov, Magdalena Szara, Heather Slania, Christine Kozol, Atila Rahim, Hogan McLaughlin, Jan Harnish, Desi Spasova, Daniela Nikolov, Elizabeth A Miranti, Yvonne Ornt, Jennifer Elling, Elena Mashin, Frances Webb, Raj Seshasankaran, Gergana Kotelova, Laura Webster, Cheryl Boudreaux, Venera Amdiamova, Nicki Douros, Maria Peneva, Cvetan Mechev, Irina Kuznetsova, Ivo Gouglev, Maria, Aleksandar Drenski, Maria Nedev, Galia L Miloucheva, Nick Dzhimov, ALON A LEWIS, Stefi Angelova, Georgiy Krasnopolskiy, Myron Shurgan, Petya Dyankova, Barton Landsman, Francesca Lachica, Michele Jaye Solomon, Villy Stojanova, Silvia Racheva, Jake Price, Melissa Moxie, Milena Alexandrova, Patricia Clemmer, Nedialka Petrova, Marianna Miltcheva, Hristina Cipitelo, Kimberly Berry, Nancy Kalish, Snezhana Ruseva, Julia Chung, Katie, Todor Sapundzhiev, Dimitre Dimitrov, Polina Agova, Daniela Valkanova, Aeriel Brown, Dessislava Dietrich, Greta Woods, Katerina Rachkova, Agnieszka, Totka Paounova, Svetla Entcheva, Nikolay Kouchtirev, Ligorun, Spencer Montgomerry, Gloria Andreeva, Petia Velikova, Galina Atanasova, Eli, Rossi, Laurie Jeanne, Nina Mravkova, Borislav Borisov, Brian, Noreen kelly, Leody, Youssef, SMAK Makeup.

We want to take time to thank all the beautiful people who are helping this company to become a reality.

Boris Mitov – This loving human being has been with us forever! He helps us with lots of ideas, technical support, building our website and motivating the Kickstarter idea. His lifestyle inspires us and lots of people to live in harmony with Nature. His work is changing the world to become a better place for all humanity and all living beings. Here is a link to his website Solar Lifestyle

Kata Mitrikova – We owe big THANK to Kata for the beautiful pictures of our snacks. She is an amazing artist and skilled photographer. She puts lots of positive energy in her work. The pictures are so real that you can taste them. You can reach this Sunshine girl at her page :

Anelia Dimitrova – She is the one who always has so much patience and love for us and everyone around her. Her advice, life coaching, recommendations and guidance bring us to the spot we are right now. We greatly appreciate your work and expertise and we love you. In her field of work she makes a big impact by helping, guiding and coaching people to find their true purpose.

Daniela Valkanova – She is one beautiful person and outstanding at what she does. Thank you so much Dani for everything you done, and continue doing for us and our company. You are a Loyal and Honest Person who can always be relied on. You are a true Friend ! Thank you so much! We love you!

Bistra Nikolova –  Thank you for your expertise and continuous support. We love you very much.

This feels like you’re indulging in a guilty pleasure, but you’re actually not, which is awesome!

Bobby Borisov, Chicago
Amber Cook, Chicago
Vania has many special gifts, one of them is to create and make tasty food. Her passion to seek healthy living has transferred into her love of healthy cooking. No words will be able to express the real taste of all products Vergo Food offer, you have to try them, from sweet, salty and  savor. Vergo foods are simply healthy, delicious and made with that special  “pinch  of salt” that only  master chefs carry inside.
We have healthy snacks from Vergo, at home, in the car and in the office, packing lunch snack for school is easy now, all year long. Thank you Vania and Vergo Food, we love your food.
Maria Nedev, Niles

Fantastic products, excellent service and amazing CEO’s owning this fine line of food. Thank you so much!!! Wishing you further success and a great health!!!

Galia Miloucheva Kuo, Highland Park

Delicious and nutritious! There is not one product of Vergo foods I am not a fan of. Everything is delicious and there is something for each meal or snack! Whether it’s breakfast with lemon crackers and nut butter, or lunch with the savory crackers and sun flower chips and veggies and falafel, or snack time with the drool worthy kale chips, lentil power wraps or fruit chips, or the desert delight of date candies. I travel a lot and Vergo Foods snacks go EVERYWHERE with me. Thank you and good luck 🖤✨

Branimira Ivanova, New Orleans

Congratulations Vergo !! I love your health foods. I’ve been using your energy mix for a few years now. I mix it in my smoothie every morning. I love the taste. My energy levels have increased greatly. My granddaughters love the “pineapple candy” . It’s a great snack. I eat kale chips while watching TV. Good luck.

Sheryl Habel, Glenview, IL